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What's all included in ECo Ambassadors?
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Weekly Tailwinds Newsletter
ECo Training: An Inside Look
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Endurance training and coaching to help you exceed your dreams.

Endurance Company specializes in human performance. Every one of us performs. Every one of us has potential. We empower you realize and unlock the potential within.

Endurance Company’s mission is to help age group athletes identify and achieve their goals. We do this by getting to know YOU. We want to understand where you are. Where you come from. And where you want to go.


What's all included in the ECo Ambassador Program?

Weekly Tailwinds Newsletter
Catch up on all things relevant to endurance sports with Joe's "endurance news roundup", set your weekly focus with  "Motivational Monday,"  stay up to date on ECo news and get insider information on special offers.

ECo Training: an inside look
Free mini ebook that provides an overview of how we put together a training program, key components of a training program, and a sample 4-week training block!

20% Off Race-Specific Training Plan
Choose from one of our pre-written plans. For runners: 5k, 10k, half and full marathons. For triathletes: Sprint, Olympic, and Half Ironman.

25% Off ECo Camps and Clinics
ECo offers a number of weekend training and educational camps and many educational clinics. These are a great way to gain knowledge and interact with other endurance athletes.

25% Off ECo EPIC
Our premier event, ECo EPIC WEEKEND is the ultimate challenge of endurance. Whether this is your "Big Event" for the season or it is a empowering training event, ECo EPIC will make everything else seem easy!

20% Off Testing Services
We offer many health and performance tests. Tests include; Health Risk Index™ VO2 max, sub-max, RMR, substrate utilization, DEXA, lactate testing, and  functional strength and mobility.

20% Off Performance Analysis
Joe performs a number of metabolic and performance analytics to help you dial in your nutrition, pacing, and ideal zones for fat burning, training, and racing.  Analyses include: INSYNC metabolic analysis, CORE nutrition analysis, and Fat-Max testing.

$5 Local Classes
For athletes in the Bloomington-Normal area. You receive discounts on ECo training sessions and ECo-Partner training sessions.

25% Off ECo Gear
Wear the highest quality training and racing gear available (and look cool too!)

10% Off Aquaman Wetsuits
Aquaman is one of the oldest wet suit manufacturers in the world, and they have arguably the best wet suits on the market.

10% Off Valdora Bicycles
Designed and engineered in Phoenix, AZ. Valdora bicycles are an excellent choice for their strength, versatility, and performance.

20% Off Alt Red
I rarely promote supplements. My supplement criteria is:
1) is it legal
2) is there a risk?
3) are claims backed by science
4) does it work? Alt red checks all 4 boxes.

BASE Nutrition
From weekend warrior to fitness newbie to age group champion, BASE Performance can help you reach your goals. BASE is the official nutrition for Ironman®

10% Off Rolf Wheels
Rolf takes cutting edge science and applies this to their wheels. I've ridden many brands of race wheels, and I feel that Rolf is as good or better than any other brand.

10% Off Power Meters
ECo partnered with Power Meter City to provide you with an impressive selection of bicycle power meters.